This month, Sassy said goodbye to her best friend PADS hearing dog Elfie. But before saying goodbye, we went for an amazing hike to Cypress Mountain! The hike we did is called Eagle Bluffs. It was a cloudy day but because it wasn’t raining, it was the perfect day for the last hike of the summer. It was a lot of fun and Sass and Elfie got some great loose-leash practice. They navigated the trails like pawfessional hikers and enjoyed amazing views of the city from the top!

In terms of training, we have been working on my “Stand” cue which needs me to be standing on all fours without moving until instructed to do something else. It’s going well and we are working on adding the verbal cue. We have had plenty of distraction training too with some on-leash walks in high distraction areas such as dog parks, malls, and various grocery stores. Sass tries her best to keep her nose in the air and eyes on the handler. It is the hardest when the banana stand is in sight though! Bananas are just too good.

Submitted by: Siddhant Modi