Hi, Miss Sassy pants here. Mom says I’ve been living up to my name a little more lately cause I’m an adolescent.

I went to Douglas College again this month, and the vet techs told mom they love me and used me as their demo dog. It gives mom a break since Mochi has been with us and then released PADS Dory, who is a V.I.P. (very important pet), stayed with us for eleven days.

I went to a sitter for five days while we had Dory & Mochi. Mom said three dogs are too much. I went to an elementary school every day, and the sitter said I settled really well, and the kids loved me.

When I came home, Dory was gone, and Mochi was back. She was gone for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the month. Mom said Mochi is going to a new raiser soon. I’m really going to miss her; we have so much fun together and love each other so much. Mom said she loves Mochi, but sometimes the two of us get a little rambunctious and don’t listen; she’s looking forward to being a one-dog house again.

Our PADS class had a Halloween party. It was fun seeing all my friends dressed up and their raisers. We played some games, bobbing for hot dogs, which I did not like. I wouldn’t put my head in the bowl of water to get the hot dog. Speaking of Halloween, mom dressed up as a witch. Mochi & I stayed in another room cause we got too excited when someone comes to the door. We were both really good with all the fireworks that went off, there were lots, and it went on till late, didn’t stop me from going to sleep. I need my beauty sleep!

Mom has been getting me out for some nice trail walks when the weather is good. I get to have a run and burn off some of my silliness. I’m doing lots of training, Mochi & I take turns, and mom says I’m doing pretty well with most things.

Next month is a big one; I turn one. I hope there’s a party for my siblings and me!!

Bye for now,
Miss Sassy Pants

Submitted by: Alison