April was another great month filled with lots of learning opportunities. My raiser says it’s very clear that I’m a little bit of a teenager right now. As I go from super silly puppy who forgets things to an adorably smart cuddly dog. It’s all part of the process though.

This month I got to go on a little bit of a bigger walk through snow up to a viewpoint. I really enjoyed that, and raiser said my recall was really good the whole walk.

I’ve also been doing lots of small training exercises in malls where I practice being in busy places with different surfaces. And I’m doing really well with all that too.

I’m also still very keen to learn skills and work for my food as I love training. I love it so much. We still have to work extra hard on the list relaxing part, but we also hear that happens a bit naturally with age too.

I’m excited to see what my future holds. For now, me and my raiser will just keep going on this puppy-raising journey together.

Submitted by: Chantelle Jaques