Serene turned 2 on January 10th! We celebrated her birthday quietly (COVID Style), but she did get spoiled with a bone and presents. Much fun was had by all.

Serene has been on several trips to the city this month. Our big highlight was the return to office space for a day. Serene absolutely rocked it!!! She was fabulous with all the steps to get there. Once we arrived, she settled like a pro. A dog friend of hers comes in the afternoon- Otis. While she was distracted, she did really well and eventually settled despite Otis (not a PADS dog) being worked up. We have been working on dog distraction, and Serene has made a lot of progress this month.

We also had some fun in the snow this month. Sniffing snow is one of Serene’s favourite pastimes.

Submitted by: Penny & Ainslie