I’ve been enjoying my rainy days on Bowen Island but mostly I love it when my hoomans take me into town with them. Last weekend I took my first trip on a bus. My hoomans thought this was a big deal but after some sniffing I curled up at their feet and had a snooze. The next thing I knew we were getting off the bus and going for lunch at a fancy restaurant. More time to snooze.

It was really fun getting back together with my pup friends after a long month of recovering from my spay. I really missed our chase games.

Finally, my highlight of November was a trip up to Cypress Mountain where all these funny hoomans swooshed by me on flat sticks. At first I wanted to chase them but then I realized my hooman had treats. Sitting in the snow was cold but I’ll do anything for treats.

Submitted by: Penny Naldrett