I overheard my raisers say that I’m a very smart girl and love to work for my treats.

This past month, I had lots of fun playing in the snow for the first time. My raisers kept piling it up for me every day just so I could go jump into it and bury my head! I don’t mind playing in the rain, but I’d rather stay undercover every time they take me outside to “better go”. This seems to happen so often!

I found out that I like to go for car rides. The bus ride I took was okay too! When people talk to me, I really like it a lot. This seems to happen when I’m at Save-On-Foods and Home Depot. Oh, and the bronze statues at Queen Elizabeth park were interesting, but I liked it better when some people asked if I could be in their photos because I’m so cute.

Now that I’m getting bigger, I get to walk up and down the stairs where I live as there are so many of them! My raisers are happy that they don’t have to carry me all the time now, as I can do it myself. They took me to play with another bigger dog a couple of times. The first time was scary, but the second time was a blast and I loved it! My raisers are hoping this will help with my house manners. I’m looking forward to all the new things coming next month.

Submitted By: Monette & Robert Sakashita