Sherlock1Sherlock came to us in the last week of August and it didn’t take him long to settle in.  With three young kids and a PADS dog for a neighbour, he’s stayed busy with lots of play.  His favourite games include tug with his rope toy and “find the kibble in the kong.”

In just two weeks, Sherlock has joined our family on many outings, to the aquarium, the mall, grocery shopping, and to different parks and beaches.  But I suspect that the outing he looks forward to the most must be to the local pet store to pick out dog toys!  Sometimes we joke that we have the smartest puppy, and Sherlock already knows how to sit and he’s getting really good at “here” especially when he knows we have treats!

Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Alex & Brad Toews and family.