May was a busy month for me. I have been trying a lot of new things. Mom got a new dog trailer that attaches to the pedal bike. I was not a big fan of the dog trailer, so I decided to try and get out of it instead. I will give it another try, so that I can go biking with everyone.

We have spent a lot of time walking by the river. I even dipped my paw in the water, but I wasn’t the biggest fan – it was a little cold and I have never been swimming before. I am going to learn how to swim this summer because I am a lab and labs love water – at least that’s what I hear!

As for my training, I am getting really good at responding to leash pressure, moving to the “side” position, and working on my duration when given a command. I sometimes get excited and just want another command, so I can get another treat. I will work on being more patient and waiting for the next command. Working is going great though. Everyone in the office loves me. They introduce me to all the clients as their “new colleague”.  (What can I say? I AM adorable, after all.)

Submitted By: Kristy Rosenau