Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

This month we visited Woodland Park for their “Reading Under the Stars” event. The kids adore her. There were about 250 kids in the gym with glow bracelets and books and the lights out. Skaha walked around to see everyone. She was wonderful!

Later, she walked around the halls and visited two grade six classes to talk about PADS and Skaha’s training. On the way home we stopped at Mundy Park for some well-deserved romp time. One thing that’s really cool is that Skaha II has finally stopped ripping her stuffies to bits. She has developed a fondness for “Squirrelly” and can’t wait to get into her kennel with him. When she sees me turn off the livingroom light, she pads straight into her kennel. What a good girl!

Submitted By: Wendy Hawkin