Snow sitting pretty in front of a Christmas tree.
It was a busy month of wandering the malls. It seems that there are more people walking around lately. Everyone seems to be a good mood and appreciate that I am trying to be a working dog.

I did my best to help de-stress university students during their exam week. I didn’t get as much attention as the new puppy Elphie, but I guess I have to pass the torch on sooner or later. I still love to greet everyone with so much enthusiasm that my buddy Hawaii seems so mellow in comparison. Hawaii is such a good guy at this de-stressing!

We had our Calgary PADS Christmas party and it was so nice to just hang out with all the other dogs and just relax. No class commands and the people were so happy to be around us.

I heard that I will be leaving Calgary to go to Advance Training very soon. I’m sure that means I will be leaving my people behind. That seems to make them very sad and that makes me want to lick their faces. I will at least have my sister Glimmer to keep me company at school. I promise to do my best and make them proud and hopefully give them an update from time-to-time.

Submitted By: Puppy-Raiser Tara Dong