Hey everyone – I need to let you know about something really strange that’s happening.  It used to be that the sun would peak into my kennel early in the morning – sometimes before I was even awake, now I think the sun is sleeping in!!  I wake up and I can hear my hooman snoring, but it’s still dark.  So I just stay “chill”, keep quiet, and wait for the rest of the world to join me.  It’s kinda nice actually!!

My hooman now has me working on something he calls “drills”, almost every day.  We usually go to an open area nearby and practice sits and downs for what seems like a really, really long time.  Afterwards, we do walks and “jump on’s” and lots of other things that I’m learning.  Sometimes he teases me with my treats by offering them to me, but then taking them away if I try too hard to get them or he’ll “accidentally” drop them on the ground.  I know I’m not supposed to eat them . . . but it’s soooo hard sometimes.

My raiser switched things up on me and took me to a grassy park instead of a concrete square.  He acted like I was supposed to do everything the same, but come on man!!!  It was GRASS, with smells and dirt and . . . .  well now we are “back to basics”, whatever that means!!


Submitted by: Kevin Hisko