I mostly had a great month in December. My regular raiser was around for the first two weeks, and I got to help him with his Christmas shopping, visiting friends and going to lots of dinner parties. And we still had time for some walks at Pacific Spirit Park and a new dog park in our neighbourhood.

We both worked a lot on what he called a “folded down”. I’m still not sure what he expects from me, but if he keeps giving me treats, I’ll keep trying to make him happy. We both graduated from Puppy Kindergarten, so we must be doing something right!!

And for the second two weeks I got to spend time with Yin, my favorite sitter. She spoiled me, but she also made sure we worked really hard on “settling” while she was doing her Christmas baking. Now I’ve discovered that my dog bed is my favorite place in the room, or any room.

Unfortunately I guess I was partying too much over Christmas, so I didn’t feel too well on New Year’s Eve. But I’m 100% now and looking forward to getting back to class.

Submitted By: Kevin Hisko