Okay PADS Village – so something strange is going on out there. I mean, I know my hooman used to be at home a lot before, but now he’s here all the time! He’s got me working and training all the time! We are out for walks all the time (but always on a leash, which is kind of a drag!).

When we’re out, we spend a lot of time doing nothing. He calls it duration sitting and duration downs. I call it “boring time”, when I have to listen to him tell me how great I am for doing nothing for three minutes. Now, he thinks that it’s fun to make me “perch” on different things that we come across – I think it looks like I’m showing off. I guess it’s not all work. My hooman likes to play with the chairs in his dining room to see how many I can climb under. I did three the other day and he was pretty excited. Anything I can do to keep him happy, I say!

Lets hope that this craziness ends soon. I want to explore Pacific Spirit Park without my leash and to have afternoon naps without hooman constantly interrupting (although I guess the belly rubs are a bonus).

Submitted By: Kevin Hisko