Okay – I gotta get this done, and then I gotta get outside. Cause it’s sunny . . . and warm . . . and spring. So I need to take my hooman out for a walk.

We worked really hard this month. First, we spent a lot of time going in and out of doors and elevators. My hooman wants to be extra careful that my tail doesn’t get left behind, so he makes sure the door doesn’t close on it. That’s pretty nice of him when you consider he doesn’t even have a tail!! And we spent a lot of time going over stuff we learned before. He says we need to go “back to the basics.” So lots of “heel” (or was that “here”?) and “side,” or me just sitting around while he looks at his watch!!

But it’s not all work. We found a new beach where I can run around and play in the water. By sometimes my hooman gets fussy with me if I don’t come back when he calls me – then we have to go home. He should chill out – I know where he is!! And we go on lots of walks in Stanley Park and Pacific Spirit Park – but only with my leash on so, I don’t get too far ahead of him. I don’t get it – why doesn’t he just run too!!!

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko