November has been another fun-filled month for my raiser and I. We still go to puppy class every week and there are always new things to learn. I get a little bored with the “folded downs”, but will do them if I have to. But I’m a pro at getting onto my bed.

The classes are always great. Nicole really knows how we puppies think, and it’s always fun when Fanny shows up. Except sometimes I jump when I see them, and apparently that’s not good.

My raiser has taken me to Pacific Spirit Park a couple of times this month. I love it there because there are other dogs around, but not too many. And everyone always seems happy to see me.

But the highlight of the month had to be the three days we were up in Tofino. Long Beach is AWESOME!!! So much to smell and see. I played in the water, met some cool pups and ran until I thought I would fall over. I can’t wait to go back.

Submitted By: Kevin Hisko