October was an awesome month for me and my hooman. Early in the month we traveled to Victoria on BC Ferries. The ship’s crew were so happy to see me and everyone in Victoria wanted to spend some time with me. We did lots of walking and playing in the leaves.

We go to Pacific Spirit Park all the time, and as soon as I was old enough, my hooman let me run around without my leash which is way more fun than it sounds.

We still go to the PADS office every Tuesday, which means Pride and I get to play around all day. Fanny Pang, my new best friend, let me stay with her for a few days while my hooman was in Chicago. He didn’t think I’d like the operas (and he was probably right) so he left me behind. Fanny dressed up for Halloween and we went to the party at PADS. I was “Chef Sparky”! Later, I got to spend some time with my mom, PADS Noosa. What a great month!

Submitted By: Kevin Hisko