Hi, its Spirit here from Calgary, just sending along a quick update. I am almost 9 months old and really having a wonderful time in Calgary with Sam, and Mike, my people. I also have a couple other Pads dogs, in our home, I am growing up with to help me learn. I have attached a recent picture of me working on my ear flip in Banff. We all went for a walk there on the weekend, as the weather warmed up a bit, we had -40 C for a few days, makes a dog want to stay inside ? So it was great to get outside, we went on 4 different trails , and hit some deep snow, it was really fun to play in. Mike took a picture on me working on my ear flip, or maybe it was just the wind coming up the river , and another one of me in a sit. Hope all is good with everyone , and talk to you next month.

Submitted By: Mike Edgar