It’s me Spirit III from PADS.  I have been told you are the awesome people that sponsor me for everything I need to grow up as a PADS dog.  I just want to say Thank you very much, and so far it’s been a really great adventure !   I am about 8 months old now, so about half way through my basic training.  I started with my raisers in Alberta at 8 weeks old and am living with Tully a retired PADS dog, Prada my BFF and also in PADS basic training, and my Raisers, Samantha and Mike.  We do all kinds of different things every day, I go to work with Mike or Sam, I get to play outside with my friends, I hang out with a couple cats, and I work hard at my PADS training.   I have attached a picture or two of me in Alberta, so you can see how big I am already.   I think I am about to sneeze in the one picture, maybe allergic to Christmas , I hope not , it will be my first and I think we get stuff , like treats or a new chew toy, to celebrate ?  So again Thank You so much for helping with my education, and I will do my best to graduate and make you proud of me , your friend Spirit .  If you are ever in Alberta look me up, I would love to meet you, and says thanks in person .    

PS: Oh  and also have a great Christmas, I hope you get the chew toy you wanted most too, I have heard about this Santa guy, pretty sure he delivers right to your house !

Submitted By: Mike Edgar