Hello my name is Spirit and I live in Airdrie Alberta with Prada, and retired PADS dog Tully. I am doing pretty good with my training but still need to work on my perch . I have just been learning that the last couple weeks. I am a pretty big puppy as I weigh the same as Prada and she is about 10 months older than me. I enjoy going to work with Mike or Sam my raisers , I really like kids , cats, and playing in the snow ! I am just learning about snow, as this is my first winter in Alberta. Snow is allot of fun , and I chase and play in Mikes back yard with my room mates . I can dig in it, roll in it, eat a little , and run really fast , till I tumble over , but snow is really soft , so it doesn’t hurt. I have included a picture of the last nice day in Alberta, before it snowed with Tully, me, and Prada. Spirit III is a very easy going puppy. She is growing a lot this past month, and enjoys hanging out with Prada, and Tully. She is good with the cats in our home, and doing very well in kennel. We are working on heels and sides, and car protocol. We are also working on her default positioning .

Submitted By: Mike Edgar