Yet another busy month in my PADS life! I make my regular walks to the mall, and lots of people recognize my yellow cape. I am even pretty good about sitting still in the Meat department while my Raiser chooses his dinner!

I got my first experience participating in the democratic process when I accompanied my Raiser to vote in the federal election (photo). I have also been over to the assisted living residence and got to meet a lot of our elders. They loved to pat my ears after I received the “go say hi” command (photo). I also have visits with young kids, and we are both learning how to be calm and patient with each other. It’s lots of fun.

My Raisers went away for a couple of days, which gave me the chance to go live with a Sitter during that time. He lives in an apartment, which is a different environment for me. I enjoyed the change of locale, as well as the hike. He told me that I was really good and that I could come back, again, another time.

Every day is filled with fun, adventure and learning. I know that I am liking it all, because my tail-wagging muscles are becoming really well developed !!

I will write you another note next month.

Submitted by: Griff, Valerie & Barbara