February was a great month for me because I love the snow. I went snowshoeing a few times and did very well off leash, and came back when called.
I also took my first ferry ride to Victoria to visit my raiser’s son who goes to University. He misses me a lot – so it was very nice to visit him and go to the beach. At kindergarten I am learning how to stay in the “down position” which is serving me well on transit everyday. Much more relaxing than sitting up for 25 minutes–I mean, I’ve seen other people sleeping on the train so figured I should do it too.  

 Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my Ikea adventure. I was practicing my loose leash walking at Ikea Coquitlam and out of nowhere came a dragon! Seriously, a dragon from the Chinese New Year parade came right up to me with lots of noise and instruments. I wasn’t even scared –well, maybe just a bit.

Submitted By: Carrie Stefanson