I am learning back-end awareness, which means I can walk backwards and stop on a target. The target is a mat my human puts down on the floor. I’m not really sure of the purpose of this, but apparently, it will help me move forward in my training. Speaking of training, I spent a couple of hours with trainers and PADS people extraordinaire Margaret, Val and Heather. They assessed me at the mall. We had a lot of fun, and they even let me run through the mall, which my raiser doesn’t usually let me do.

I really enjoy the weekends because I go to Mundy Park with my PADS friends. My girlfriend, Elva, is usually there, and we like to chase sticks. Don’t tell anyone about the sticks, though, because I’m not really allowed to have them. My raiser says we’re working on it, but I say sometimes a boy just has to have fun! Bill Ng was a the park and took some lovely pictures of me with my raisers. Thank you Bill!

Submitted by: Carrie Stefanson