Although many people hoped the snow would leave, I embraced it! I love playing in the snow, rolling in the snow and even eating the snow (not the yellow snow of course! I am walking well on loose leash, have a lovely “off switch” at work and really like being with my humans. I like them so much that I drag my giant bed all over the house so I can nap beside them.

I visited Lafarge Lake during the Christmas season to take in the lights. The loveliest thing happened. Someone left a stuffed toy on my raiser’s windshield, I’m sure it was meant for me! I’ve enclosed the photo, for reference. He is missing a limb or two now, though, as I still like to chew things. I understand this is all part of being a puppy. One of my favourite weekly events, other than puppy class (of course), is going to the Coquitlam Farmer’s Market. Tip: If you look under the vegetable table you are bound to find a carrot or two. Make sure you ask before picking it up though. Sometimes I forget to do this. Those garden-fresh carrots are amazing!

Submitted By: Carrie Stefanson