I went to a puppy sitter this month and had so much fun! I got to spend the night with Elva and go to the park with my PADS buddies. I also went on a field trip to Walmart. There are many different things in the store and with so many smells! My raiser tried to work on my duration in the home decoration aisle, but it was a bit too close to the pet food aisle, so I had trouble focusing. Next time we’ll head to the hardware aisle.

I know that I need to sit and go down for long periods, but there is always something that distracts me. The moody cat supervises my training at home by coming and sitting on a chair and staring at me. So frustrating. I am enjoying my weekends very much as we often go snowshoeing. I don’t need those awkward shoes, as my feet are fine in the snow. I can even catch snowballs! And I love rolling down hills in the snow.

Submitted by: Carrie Stefanson