July was a pivotal month in my development as I got my “N.” While most teens may be excited about this, I was not too happy getting neutered. I did not enjoy the giant cocktail glass around my head, so my raiser gave me a nice neck pillow designed for travelling. I actually quite liked it, as I do prefer to sleep with a pillow. I healed well and now I am allowed to swim again! I could swim all day. I even tried paddleboarding. Although it was fun, I prefer to swim alongside the paddleboard. I have been doing a fair amount of travelling this month, including a trip on the BC ferry to Victoria. I walked on the ferry with my raiser and made sure I socially distanced from everyone on the deck. I’ve been trying to figure out these Zoom classes but apparently I’m expected to do more than just walk back and forth in front of the screen. Technology!

Submitted By: Carrie Stefanson