I kicked off March on the red carpet at the PADS gala. I put my PADS training to work and was well behaved, but there were so many distractions. Speaking of social outings, I hooked up with my sister Cranberry and brother Acorn for an afternoon run at Barnet Marine Park. It was so much fun! I found a few large sticks. I like carrying and chewing sticks.

I’m working on my duration training, and managed to stay in the down position for 10 minutes without moving. I’m also sitting for longer periods of time, and doing my best to resist food items on the ground. The food part is really hard for me because I LOVE to eat. I especially love dandelions, and cheese, and treats and….well, you get the message. It was a busy month, so not too much TV time, but I did catch Pick of the Litter on Netflix. My raiser had to move my bed closer to the TV because I was so interested.

Submitted By: Carrie Stefanson