You may have noticed I changed my profile picture to reflect that I have moved on to Advanced Training. I just entered PADS University, Burnaby campus. I am working with Margaret and have been selected for AFD and PTSD training. This is a very exciting time of my life and brings me one step closer to being a service dog placed with a client. My raisers have been giving me lots of hugs and talking about how much they will miss me. I get to see them on weekends, though, at least for now, and we hope this arrangement will continue.

In terms of training, I’m working to build up my duration sit and stand. I am also learning to not sniff so much. I like sniffing everything, but apparently, there is a fine line for this, and we’re not supposed to be “all sniffing all the time.”

In March, I had to make a delivery to a special human and got to run on a big beach. It was so much fun! I also ate a lot of seaweed, which was not so much fun because I threw up a few times. Friends, don’t eat seaweed.

Now that I have entered university, my new advanced training team will be posting my pupdates. Stay tuned, and thank you for supporting me throughout my training. I am loving life and learning a lot.

Submitted by: Carrie Stefanson