The winter is the most wonderful time of the year because I get to play in the snow and see the displays in stores. I went to Rona with my raiser and decided I should check out the snow, and perhaps visit the animated fellow who was behind the fence. Apparently, you are not permitted in the fenced area so I just stuck my paw in to see if the snow was real.

I did find some real snow in the wilderness behind my home. I love rolling and jumping in the snow.

I have seen a few of my friends on my walks including Nana, Joy, Esme, Elva and up until recently, Darlene. She has gone to university (advanced training) now.

I am working on my duration, appropriate play and cape protocol. I sometimes work on my duration at the playground, which has the added benefit of lots of jump ons and off, which I like.

Thank you to PADS for supporting me virtually during the pandemic. I’m still learning, and moving forward in my training.

Submitted by: Carrie Stefanson