I am now one year old and 75 pounds! I celebrated with my brothers and sisters as well as my mother and friends at White Rock Beach. I had so much fun, but drank a little too much salt water and got sick in the car. My raiser said this happens when you party too hard. Lesson learned.

My friend Ebi also celebrated a birthday which meant we got special fancy bones with icing on a paw patrol plate and a birthday hat. I haven’t had those special treats before and wasn’t sure if I was supposed to eat the plate as well? Apparently not. Another lesson learned.

I’m doing well on my loose leash walking and settle nicely at my two jobs – Vancouver Coastal Health and Pacific Blue Cross. The people there love me, which makes it all worthwhile since I get up at 5:30 most mornings.

I went to a Halloween party at PADS dressed as a taco. I’m not the biggest fan of the costume thing and my raiser had trouble finding one large enough for me. Good thing this only happens once a year. Oh, and I loved watching the fireworks! I was gazing up at the sky. The noise doesn’t bother me at all, in fact not much bothers me. Life is good!

Submitted By: Carrie Stefanson