Happy Birthday to me!  I turned two this month.  I am growing up very quickly, as are all my siblings from the Thanksgiving Dinner Litter.  Fittingly, I thoroughly enjoy pumpkin and often have it as a bed-time treat in my Kong (mixed with apple sauce and peanut butter).  Yum yum.

I am working on my heel and sides, and duration.  I practice at a school near my house, which has some fun playground equipment on which I can jump on and off.

I see my PADS friends regularly at Mundy Park on weekends.  Although I miss going into the office five days per week, I get to work from home two days per week and I like to curl up on my bed by my raiser’s feet.  Sometimes I have on-line meetings and Zoom around the house.  Zooming is a thing now.  Life is good!

Submitted By: Carrie Stefanson