Our biggest challenge is biting; in addition, we are working on loose leash walking as well as the HERE command, which is easy in a small area like the yard but more of a challenge at the beach or the dog park. He is very adept at the “jump on” cue and along our walks we have a lot of favorite rocks and logs that he will jump on and then sit. He loves that game. We are also working on YOURS and Find It.
It was fun to see him swim for the first time. He followed my son into the water and when it got deeper his little legs just took over and there he was…LAB PADDLING. No thrashing around just smooth as can be.
I think the highlight this month was our visit to my Grandaughters kindergarten class where I explained to the children how when he grows up he will be a dog with a job, and what he could do for people. I told them the story about a famous book ‘Moby Dick’, about a white whale and that the most important sailor on the ship that went hunting for the whale was named Starbuck. One little boy remarked, “well I’m sure glad he wasn’t named after a coffee shop”! A few days after when I was picking Sophie up, one of the mothers thanked me for bringing Starbuck and how her little girl who is very afraid of dogs loved to hear about him and to pet him and that she put the PADS cards that I gave them, beside her bed.
I just love our morning coffee when we sit together on the floor and he rests his head on my legs and I give him lots of scratches and he falls asleep . Then I dash upstairs and take a shower. I’m going to miss this little guy. Thank you PADS for this experience. He will be my second hardest goodbye.

Submitted By: Pat sanderson