If ever there was a theme song for Story it would be ‘Everything is Awesome!’ Story is such a happy, easy-going pup. She loves her hikes – letting her floppy ears fly while bounding over logs and stones and doing a full back-end wiggle as she greets dogs and people along the way. Her recalls have always been good but not surprisingly, she needs some more work when distracted by fun with other dogs.

This month Story has lost quite a few puppy teeth. Teething is no fun and so she’s been getting lots of toys to chew on and her absolute favorite treat – frozen Kongs filled with peanut butter. She’s working on sit and down duration and dog distraction. You can see some maturity developing as she focuses on the task at hand.
With the warmer weather it’s easier to get out more often. Story loves rolling in the grass and sleeping in sunbeams. She’s taking in all the new sights and smells – dirt, mud, flowers, bugs, and small critters. With her first summer around the corner there will be so much more to explore.

Submitted By: Robin and Francis Keong