This month Strudel attended Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve fireworks, the movie theatre, a middle school band concert (sitting in cramped bleachers) and bowling without any difficulty.

However, one day while walking to the bus, I saw her react to something in the distance. I looked around and noticed a 3 foot tall snowman about 20 metres from us. Strudel was afraid of the snowman. Carefully, we approached the snowman together. While sniffing it, she knocked its head off, then started wagging her tail… fear of snowman over! It was quite cute.

You could tell she was afraid, but with my coaching, she willingly faced that fear and it is not a problem anymore… what a brave girl!

A week or so later, there was a large (3 foot) snowball at the toboggan hill. She had no problem with the snowball and easily jumped right on top.

Submitted By: Cherie Michels