SUNNY II has enjoyed spending most of this month going out and about practicing his stills in public with his advanced sitters. He has also been enjoying the occasional visit to the PADS campus to practice and maintain all his skills and go on various field trips with various PADS staff and volunteers to practice his public access and work on transferring his skills to novel handlers. Sunny will be joining Margaret’s string and Margaret will be spending some time getting to know him, so she can get a good idea of the ideal placement for Sunny. We look forward to having more news to share soon!

  • Skills being learned: Maintaining all skills learned, including basic obedience and public access manners.
  • Recent field trips: Various field trips with advanced training volunteers and his advanced sitters.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Excitement around dogs or toys being tossed.
  • Potential career path: AFD

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Sunny!

Submitted by: Apprentice Instructor Ashley Siddals