We spent three weeks at the lake in July and Swell enjoyed it, as any dog would.  He is getting much better at not running after people on our quiet street as they walk/jog by, and also not running up to a vehicle as it pulls into the driveway.  I think he is maturing a bit – lol.

He loves swimming in the lake and especially jumping off the dock or at the boat platform into the water.  He looks around as he is swimming to pick up something in the water such as seaweed, sticks or even bubbles.  I try giving him a floating dog toy instead. 


He loves riding in the boat, laying on the dock and watching sunsets.

Swell is very affectionate and loves cuddle time. He’s eager to learn new tasks and listens well during training/feeding time.  We are working on recalls with the neighbour lake dog as they are playing.

Submitted By: Teresa Bonneau