In the month of December Tako went to visit a lot of friends and family over the holidays. He was well behaved when at friends’ homes with kids and other pets. Although It is a challenge for Tako to resist sniffing and licking food at his head level and on coffee tables he does listen when told to leave it. We make sure he doesn’t have any opportunities to take food off the table. We are working on Tako’s durations for his sits, stands, and downs. Stand is still a challenge for him. We are also working on heel and side, using a hand signal Until he has perfected these cues. Tako is very food motivated and loves to work for treats.
It was Tako’s birthday this month and he loved playing in the snow! He also got to spend a day with new PADS puppy Dax and was very patient and calm around him.
Tako is now with a sitter until Jan 11.

Submitted By: Amber Van Hove