Talbot was ecstatic to be dropped off on his first day at Puppy-U! He was so happy to be around his new classmates, sights and sounds. Talbot was super glad his bunkmate, Rider, loved to tousle just as much as he does. Talbot’s favorite things at campus are: basking in the sun, long walks along the road and treats. We took it easy over the last two weeks and didn’t do much besides basic obedience, settling time in the office and playing in the yard. Talbot had a little while here at the West Coast Burnaby Campus before packing his bags to Vancouver Island with his buddies Rider and Cashew! 

Talbot has since settled in with his advanced sitters on Vancouver Island. He’s working hard on his manners and trying to show his sitters what a good boy he is (even if he’s a bit excited and likes to jump!). Talbot enjoys staying close to his handler and is very bouncy. He enjoys working for his handler, even if he doesn’t get it right the first few times. He is always eager to try again! A quirk that we are working on is his default leave it and alert barking. Talbot is doing well on his alert barking and is showing he’s able to stay quiet so far. Talbot is dedicated to the cause of being the best version of himself! Talbot has shown us how much love and care you’ve all put into him being here. Talbot is goofy, loves his people and is a lovely dog in general. Nice work all!

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Talbot!

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department