Talbot has spent some time with us during October and has had some company while he has been with us.

Piper, our friend’s yellow lab, has been visiting, and they have enjoyed each other’s company playing in the garden and going on walks together. A friend has been taking Piper while Talbot is with me, and they have done really well walking side by side. Rider sometimes struggles with other dogs approaching, and we have been working on some calming measures to help him manage his enthusiasm.

He is extremely well-behaved when we visit grocery stores despite the temptations of the dog food aisle, the meat counter and various other delightful aromas the store has to offer! We have visited malls in Nanaimo and practiced going in and out of the elevator, and he has also accompanied me to my weekly meeting, where he takes advantage of the chance to snooze and then politely greets other people after the meeting. He is a handsome boy and gets lots of compliments.

He visited the local dairy farm and was a little apprehensive at first but he didn’t take long to relax and study the cows munching on their hay. The cows were also quite interested in Talbot!

When he has not been with us, Talbot has been at school with Rob learning new skills necessary for his future vocation as a service dog, including retrieving, finding and pushing access buttons and walking alongside a wheelchair.

We have had walks through Rathtrevor park and along the Boardwalk in Parksville. With the weather being so nice recently, Piper and Talbot have had lots of fun chasing each other around in the back garden.

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Talbot!

Advanced training location: West Coast (Vancouver Island)

Submitted by: Linda, Advanced Training Sitter