Sooooo, somewhere along the line my mama missed the memo that said she was supposed to send in updates about me!!  Don’t be too hard on her, I’m her first pup, and I do keep her busy!  Anyway, I thought I’d take on this job and get it done – after all, I am a service dog-in training!!  Might as well start now!!  My name is Tansy, and I’m almost 16 months old.  I’ve been working with my mama MJ since last October when I came up to P.A.D.S. with my sister Aster.  I go to university and I’m learning a bunch, well, actually, I usually sleep through classes…good thing she writes the tests and not me!!

I’ve learned so much in the last year, and I think I’m pretty smart.  Earlier this year I wasn’t so smart, and I ate something I wasn’t supposed to and had to have surgery.  My mama was pretty upset and worried, but I pulled through just fine, and now I’m all good!!  I still like to go get things for people, but I’m learning to give them back sooner now, and that seems to make everybody really happy. 

I got to go to Calgary this month and meet some other PADS people out there, which was fun, and I was really good on the drive out and back!  Mama will be starting school again soon, but I won’t be going with her at first.  She tells me I’m in heat – whatever that means – and I can’t go anywhere with her right now!!  So I’m stuck at home most of the time, and I have to wear pants, and I’m not too happy about any of it!  I should be back at work in a few weeks, and I can’t wait!!  I’ll try to keep things up to date if they’ll let me on the computer from time to time!!! 

Submitted By: Melanie-Jane Hughes