Tansy continues to settle nicely into the kennel routine.  She gets along with lots of the dogs so she switches roommates between Pan, Hopkins, Van, or Viking.  She goes out to play with Pan, Dot and Iris.
Tansy and I have been working hard on her focus/loose leash walking and she has made really good progress with these!  Higher distraction or scent areas are still a challenge, but she is much easier to refocus now, so I think with more practice she will be even stronger at these skills. We have also been working on dog distraction which is a bit harder for her, but she is getting better with this too.
Tansy has grown leaps and bounds in her sound work!  The little warrior is finding zen in the art of sound work.  She is now nicely focused when we are working.  She has learned her paw alert and has started to alert me to the sound without any cues from me. 
Tansy has learned three sounds; the timer, a phone ring and door knock.  Now that she has really strengthened these, we will soon work on adding in a smoke detector as her fourth sound.
I’ve included some pictures of her from the past month of training.
Thanks again for all your love and hard work with Tansy!

Submitted by: Ashley Siddals