Hey! It’s Thresher reporting again.

I went to my first week-long sleepover this month while my humans were away at a work conference. I loved it. My sitter brought me to school every day with the tiny humans. After school, I’d get to play with my friend Comox! I wish that it was longer, but I was happy to be home again as well. My sitter told my humans that I’d have to work on being alone in the kennel by myself and I have been working on this every day. It’s tough, but I’m trying my best.

Also, in the new year, we’ve been going on a lot of off-leash trail walks, which I love! Recently, I’ve learned to jump onto a big boulder! And I also met a new furry guinea pig friend named Cappuccino. Overall, I’m really enjoying all the adventures and experiences!

Hope everyone’s year has been off to a great start!

Submitted by: Tina L.