August was an exciting time for me, I turned 16 months old! Hard to believe how fast time flies when you’re learning to be a superhero. 

I had a couple of new experiences this month including a world record road trip to Vancouver and back. I got to stay in a hotel, walk along the boardwalk, and just generally practice being awesome in a bunch of new settings. Mum was super proud of me. I also got to try out golf for the first time this month. It seems to be a sport that involves hitting a little white ball with a stick and then chasing after it at a lesiurly pace. I was on my best behaviour, I didn’t try to chase any of the little flying balls, and I even helped recover a few that got lost in the trees. 

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy and getting to soak up some sunshine while it lasts.



Submitted by: Sarah Markson