Wow! February certainly flew by, even with the bonus leap day. The weather is finally starting to warm up after our January freeze so I’ve been making sure to take my human outside to enjoy the sun whenever we can. Apparently snow doesn’t last very long when it gets warm out (boo) but it’s being replaced by lots of fun puddles (I like puddles).

This month we had our newest puppy recruits arrive at PADS Okanagan which means I’ve finally been promoted to the middle puppy class! We’ve been working hard in class on duration with distraction and making sure we know the meaning of a cue word instead of guessing or trying to interpret human body language. I’ve been doing pretty well but there’s still a bit of work to do…

However, the best thing I did this month was attend a Retirement Party with some of my PADS pals. We got to practice meeting lots of nice people (while ignoring each other and the cake) as well as walking up and down a weird set of grated stairs. It was a lot of fun but I was very tired after.

Bye for now,

Submitted By: Sarah Markson