Well it seems that summer has finally arrived!

After a bit of a rainy June, Canada Day ushered in a beautiful July and some true Okanagan heat.

I’ve had a bunch of firsts this month, most importantly, I’ve been accompanying my raiser to school!

 It seems to involve a lot of settling in different places for me, but I’m sure I’ll get credits for attending the classes, plus I think I improve the mood of the classroom with my very presence.


I’ve been working hard this month to strike a good work play balance.  I accompany my raiser to her college classes and work my Tiller magic, then when we get home I get to run around in the back yard.  I was even able to make that final jump off the stairs and do a little swimming in the pool (under supervision of course), because what else do you do in +30ºC temperatures?

I hope you’re all staying healthy.  I’m going to continue working on my tan!

Just keep swimming!  — Tiller

Submitted By: Sarah Markson