June was a very exciting month because I finally got to go out in my vest again!  Mum was worried that I might be a little rusty, but it was like we hadn’t missed any time at all.  People seemed to be very happy to see me at our usual stomping grounds and it was nice to feel a little sense of normalcy in these crazy times.

It was quite a rainy month so I had lots of opportunities to work on my skills in puddles (luckily I like water), but I have to admit it will be nice when the Sunny Okanagan starts living up to its name.

The best part of June, however, was that I got to spend a weekend with PADS Levi and his Human at the Starlight Drive-In.  We had so much fun playing and learning together, and I even got to ride around on a golf cart!  It was fun to be able to show off my skills to a different Human but I was happy to be able to snuggle with mum on my own dog bed when I got back home.

Keep Calm and Wag On!


Submitted By: Sarah Markson