Happy May, everyone!

I hope you’ve all been staying safe and maybe getting a chance to enjoy the nicer weather.

My raiser and I have been doing a lot more outside work this month, including loose leash walking and practicing settling outside while the people do other things.

We’ve also been working on “Offered” behaviours for puppy class this month and have just begun working on adding a new cue to my “Bed” command (running to my bed when I hear a “doorbell” ring).

The best thing that happened this month was I was able to have two play dates with my friend PADS Karma (while the humans kept socially distanced from one another).  We practiced our obedience around other dogs and then we got to run and chase and get super muddy (yay!). We also went down to the dog beach and made some new friends.  My raiser was very impressed with how well I behaved, especially since I’m a total water dog.

Maybe soon I’ll be able to put my vest on again but for now we’re enjoying taking it slow to make sure everyone stays healthy.

Sending lots of Labrador Love! from Tiller

Submitted By: Sarah Markson