Tilly is learning a lot of new things in puppy class. We are still working on the Stand command as well as learning further duration in Sits and Downs. Tilly is also working on her loose leash walking. Since her first heat she can be quite interested in all of the smells in the world. She regularly wants to pull to find something to get a good sniff of, which we need to work on too.

One of Tilly’s favourite things in life is snow and we got that great dump of it for her in January. She was beside herself excited to go out in it. She loves to run with her face in the snow, roll around in it, eat it etc… She just LOVES the snow. It actually makes walking and training her a bit more difficult because she gets so easily distracted by snow piles or snow falling from trees. It makes us really happy to see Miss Tilly so happy covered in snow.

Submitted By: Tyler Brown