In December I left my momma and siblings and breeder-caretakers and I went to live with my raiser!

This month has been full of firsts for me: first time on the bus and Skytrain, first restaurant, mall, and grocery store outings, first office experience, and first de-stress event where I went to visit and spread my puppy love around to the e-comm 9-1-1 center.

My raiser and I have been getting to know each other and I’ve been showing her how sweet and spunky I am! We’ve started working on some important life skills, such as keeping four on the floor (aka, not jumping up at everything that looks fun to jump up at – that’s a tough one!), settling at home or in public or at the office, chilling in my kennel, loose leash walking, sitting nicely for my food/water bowl until the magic “release” word is said, learning to play nicely with other pups, not eating food off the floor, and working on reducing body sensitivity (which means playing dress-up for treats!).

Stay tuned to see me grow up and work hard to find my perfect path in life!

Submitted By: Heather Cochrane