I turned 21 months old in July! I beat the heat (wave) with a wet towel, some fans, a cooling jacket, a dip in the lake, and time spent in the shade at the park for a family BBQ – the humans got to eat..us pups just had to relax. I showed nephew Hex how to jump on stumps, and how to settle to sleep on an outdoor patio for lunch. I won the contest for longest tongue! Okay, so it was a self-judged competition but still… I also went kayaking, met a new friend at the pet store, and rode the bus for the first time in over a year. Big bro Hero (no actual relation) came to say hello! And then I had a vet visit that left me shaved and dazed. But I got to wear a snazzy outfit after it – I couldn’t decide what protective gear to wear, so I wore it all!

Submitted by: Heather Cochrane