We feel blessed to have had another month with Tommy in our home. He went back to school without any struggles after the Christmas Break. We also got lucky with many snow days in January, which Tommy adored. We went snowshoeing, sledding, and ripping around the Farm. We have never seen him so energetic and he played for hours without getting tired!

He has caught on well to new cues. He has also responded well to our intentionality around kenneling which the training team advised on. We are starting to work on his pre-existing/basic skills as we somehow slackened up on this. A big one is “go in” – and getting him into those really tight spots! He has also became a bit finicky around the “better go” cue once the snow melted, so getting him back on track with that is a goal for February!

Submitted by: puppy raiser Benoit Vaudry